2019 Autumn Colours and Fabrics

2019 Autumn Colours and Fabrics

The warm summer evenings are slowly giving way to the now darkening dusk, the mornings have suddenly become more fresh. However, before we sink into the gloomy mood of short, rainy days, there is one of the most beautiful seasons ahead of us, not only outside the window, but also in the wardrobe.


Autumn colors

New colors, patterns and textures are coming along with the new season. Warm autumn colors, which blend perfectly with the skin still tanned after a recent vacation, will make the first autumn days extremely stylish.

This autumn, the most beautiful shades of mustard,  burgundy and  green will reign. They went both to comfortable sweaters, tunics, as well as blouses and quilted jackets.

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If you think of quilting only with boring winter jackets, it's time to change it. This fall we are playing with the whole topic. Do you like classic styles? We have quilted coats for you in beautiful colours. Do you prefer more casual clothes? Check out our warm quilted jackets in extraordinary patterns, or combining two types of quilting. There are many possibilities.

We hope that at least we have convinced you that the upcoming season is not only gloomy colors but a whole lot of beautiful autumn colors.

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