Pajamas yesterday , today and tomorrow.

Pajamas yesterday , today and tomorrow.

Pajamas are currently one of the favorite elements of women's wardrobe. They reflect the personality of each woman, express taste, emphasize grace and release sex appeal hidden by them during the day. Although today nightwear makes a sensation, its beginnings were much different than today. It used to be limited to the functionality of pajamas.

The beginning of fashion for pajamas
The history of pajamas goes back about 500 years back when it entered Hindu culture and dominated male clothing. It was she - initially in the form of long light pants and a flimsy caftan shirt - she was the everyday dress of men in India. Although this outfit looked rather informal, it was made of extremely elegant and high-quality materials. This guaranteed that the pajamas were really airy. It enabled comfortable survival of local heat. Pajamas, like today, are sewn from cotton or silk. Over time, they began to gain more and more favor and popularity, to finally come to Europe and conquer the hearts of the local people. The French and British liked them first. A moment later, all generations of Europeans, regardless of gender, loved pajamas.

How did pajamas used to be?
Although the beginning of the pajamas were only an element of men's everyday clothing, over time they began to change their functions and appearance. First of all, the moment came when they won the hearts of women. Coco Chanel herself during the Second World War called them a feminine creation dedicated for the night. Earlier, however, they not only conquered the bedrooms ... They even reigned on the beaches! It was in the 20th century that ladies very willingly dressed this light, airy and stylish outfit for strolling or relaxing on a sandy beach by the water.


Contemporary pajamas market
Today, just like we used to, we want pajamas to remain practical and comfortable to wear. After all, in them we regenerate after a hard day, relax in our four corners and gather strength for the next day. However, in addition to this aspect of usability, we also want nightwear to be elegant, feminine and display our style. Therefore, we can freely choose between various styles, colors or patterns, choosing the ones that best express our personality. Brave ladies who like to emphasize sex appeal, most often choose short, challenging models. Romantics love subtle nightgowns and traditionalists uniform long-sleeved pajamas. Bet on what you like the most!


Today, pajamas can be bought virtually anywhere - both stationary and online. Thanks to this, you can enrich your wardrobe without leaving your home, being sure of choosing the perfect quality and impeccable style. The best proof that pajamas have become a very important outfit is evidenced by the interest of the greatest designers and fashion houses around the world.

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