FLIRTY FEVER women's set

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 FLIRTY FEVER women's set in nude !

You'll fall in love with this set. And ... not only you, but everyone who sees you in it. It's original and deadly seductive, yet practical because you can wear it in many ways. One thing is for sure - you will experience many hot flirts in it.

The material has a delicate, satin sheen and grip. It is soft, fleshy and pleasant to the touch. 

Short, sexy top

The top of the set is a captivating cropp top with an amazing cut. The front is smooth, and the back reveals the back alluringly. It is fastened with buckles at the top and at the bottom. At the bottom of the front there is a thin strip sewn in with an elastic inside, which you can wrap yourself around and fasten at the back so that the blouse fits the figure. The rubberized strap also prevents the blouse from floating when you raise your hands up. So you don't have to worry that someone will see too much. Even if you don't have a bra underneath.

It looks stunning !

Skirt with adjustable length

The bottom of the set is a skirt with an equally interesting cut. The back is fitted with darts, thanks to which it beautifully emphasizes the bottom. At the front we sew in ribbons with which you can adjust its length. Do you want a mini? Here you are. It is enough to pull the strings tighter. Do you fancy a midi? You loosen up and look like a bomb too.

Advantages of the FLIRTY FEVER set

Original cut
Fashion emphasizing the silhouette
Three sizes to choose from: S,M, L



Skirt: waist: 35-38cm.x2/ 14-15 inches x2 -, hips: 44-46cm.x2/ 17-18 inches x2, length: 84cm/33 inches

Blouse: Width from armpit to armpit: 47cmx2, total length 35cm, sleeve length: 58cm.


Skirt: waist: 36-40cm.x2, hips: 48-50cm.x2, length: 84cm.

Blouse: Width from armpit to armpit: 47cm x2/18.5 inches x2, total length 35cm/13.5 inches, sleeve length: 58cm/23 inches.


Skirt: waist: 37-41cm.x2/ 14.5-16 inches x2, hips: 50-52cm.x2 /19-20.5 inches x2, length: 84cm/33 inches.

Blouse: Width from armpit to armpit: 47cmx2/ 18.5 inches, total length 35cm/14 inches, sleeve length: 58cm/22.5 inches.


  • 100% polyester