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Now close your eyes. Take a deep breath and imagine that you are on an exotic island ... Warm waves flow over your feet and the rays of the sun touch your cheeks. You stroll along the shore of the ocean in a PINK crop top NALA  and  white denim shorts ...

Then a handsome aquaman emerges from the water. You look so fantastic that you fall in love at first sight.

Fairy tale? Maybe ... but who will stop you from dreaming? And who said dreams can't come true?

Nala is a romantic TOP  for every girl who wants to look fashionable, effective and sexy. The shorter cut beautifully exposes the tummy, and the bare shoulders will attract attention to you.

The blouse has wide, ruffled sleeves that can cover the shoulders or wear it down. In the middle of the front there are strings with which you can adjust the length of the blouse

This blouse will allow you to create hundreds of styles. It looks wonderful with shorts and jeans, but it also goes well with a skirt.


It adapts to every figure, because the sleeves at the top and the neckline are finished with an elastic band. There is also rubber in the waist.


LENGHT 12 inches/ 31 cm,

SLEEVE's LENGTH 16 inches/ 41 cm,

WIDTH 16 inches/ 41 cm


  • 90% VISCOSE