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This necklace is made of real, natural Orange Paphiopedilum Bellatulum flower also known as Ladies Slipper.

Each flower is carefully selected for originality, color, and shape. There are never two alike. It is unique just like the person wearing it. Our orchids are dehydrated using a special procedure designed to prevent changes of shape and color, as well as covered with several layers of resin.

This procedure takes about one week per flower and requires years of practice. This drying and resin coating process results in a preserved, durable flower, which will last a lifetime without discoloring or changing shape. Our products are distinguished by good quality.

This Orchid necklace is on a stylish black suede cord.

You could use sliding glass beads to adjust the size to wear as a necklace or choker.
The flower size is about 2.25 inches high and 2.25 inches wide (5.7cm)